part noun

1 piece/area/period/division, etc. of sth

ADJ. big, good, greater, large, major, significant, substantial We spent a good part of the day rehearsing. The greater part of the building has been refurbished. | minor, small | equal Cut it into four equal parts. | important, main, principal | basic, central, essential, fundamental, indispensable, vital | integral, intrinsic | separate | inseparable | component, constituent | best | worst The worst part was having to wait three hours. | difficult, hard I gave up once I got to the hard part. | easy | early In the early part of his career he worked in India. | latter the latter part of the century | different, distinct, various | foreign travellers returning from foreign parts | separate | inseparable | component, constituent Break it down into its constituent parts. | private (= sexual organs)

VERB + PART constitute, fall into, form The book falls into three distinct parts. | break sth down into, divide sth into, split sth into

PREP. in ~ Your salary depends in part on your qualifications. The film is good in parts. a serial in four parts | ~ of Part of me wants to stay and part of me doesn't.

PHRASES the parts of the body

2 a piece of a machine

ADJ. spare Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

3 role in a play, film, etc.

ADJ. big, leading | bit, small, walk-on | speaking

VERB + PART have, play, take | learn | look He was a pirate in the school play and certainly looked the part.

PREP. in the ~ He's very good in the part. | ~ of She played the part of Juliet.

4 share in an activity, event, etc.

ADJ. big, leading, major Luck played a big part in it. | minor | central, significant, vital | active

VERB + PART have He had no part in the scam. | do, play, take She did her part in bringing them back together.

PREP. ~ in They took little part in the discussion.