per cent noun

VERB + PER CENT account for, amount to, be equal to, constitute, equal, represent Overseas earnings accounted for 9% of the total last year. | contain Roman coins containing about 25% zinc | reach, stand at Their share of the vote reached 6.5% in 1998. | (All the verbs in the following collocate groups may be followed by by, from or to plus per cent. Sometimes the word by is left out.), be/go/shoot up, expand, grow, improve, increase, jump, rise, soar Prices rose by 12% in 1998. Prices rose 12%. | be/go/come down, decline, decrease, depreciate, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, shrink Profitability is down from 16% to 12.2%. | boost sth, increase sth, raise sth hoping to boost sales by 10%. | cut sth, devalue sth, reduce sth, slash sth The currency was devalued 20% overnight.

PREP. by 10, 20, etc. ~ cutting carbon dioxide levels by 20% in 15 years | ~ of sth In 40% of all cases, the parents had no idea of their child's problem.

PHRASES about/around/only/over/up to 10, 20, etc. per cent ~ Only 10% of the teenagers agreed with this statement. a process that can reduce the cost by up to 15% | a boost/an improvement/an increase/a jump/a rise of 10, 20, etc. per cent a jump of 8% in cases of the disease | a cut/decline/decrease/drop/fall/reduction of 10, 20, etc. per cent, fewer/less/more than 10, 20, etc. per cent Profits rose by more than 50% last year. | growth of 10, 20, etc. per cent, in the bottom/top 10, 20, etc. per cent His son was in the top 2% of the university's students. | 10, 20, etc. per cent less/more New cars will use about 35% less fuel by the year 2001. | 10, 20, etc. per cent of all/of a total The tribe's land now amounts to around 50% of the total land area. > Note at PERCENT