perfume noun

1 liquid with a sweet smell that you put on your body

ADJ. expensive | cheap | strong | subtle | fragrant, sweet | exotic | musky | stale

QUANT. bottle

VERB + PERFUME use, wear | dab on, put on, spray on She dabbed some perfume on her wrists. | smell | reek of, smell of She reeked of cheap perfume.

PERFUME + NOUN bottle | company, house

PHRASES a waft/whiff of perfume He caught a faint whiff of her expensive French perfume.

2 pleasant smell

ADJ. sweet | heady, strong | delicate, faint | exotic, strange

VERB + PERFUME smell | give off, release The lilies release their heady perfume in the evening.

PERFUME + VERB fill sth The perfume of the roses filled the room.