permission noun

ADJ. full | special | express Staff may not leave early without the express permission of the director. | formal, government, official | written | necessary They chopped the trees down without having been granted the necessary permission. | prior He was not allowed to leave the city without the prior permission of the authorities. | planning You will need to obtain planning permission if you want to extend your house.

VERB + PERMISSION have | gain, get, obtain, receive, secure | give (sb), grant (sb) | deny sb, refuse sb | need, require | apply for, ask (for), request, seek

PREP. with/without sb's ~ The information was published with the full permission of Amnesty International. | ~ for The council refused planning permission for the erection of a block of flats. | ~ to permission to park

PHRASES by (kind) permission of sb The illustrations are reproduced by kind permission of the British Library.