persuade verb

ADV. successfully | almost | eventually, finally | quickly | easily She was easily persuaded to accompany us. | gently Dave gently persuaded the fish close enough to be lifted aboard the boat. | personally The education minister personally persuaded the prime minister to rethink. | somehow He somehow persuaded the studio to let him make the film.

VERB + PERSUADE attempt to, endeavour to, seek to, try to | hope to | be able/unable to, can/could | manage to He eventually managed to persuade one of the staff to let him in. | help (to) | be difficult to | fail to

PREP. into She was persuaded into buying an expensive dress. | of We must persuade the government of the need for change.

PHRASES an attempt/effort to persuade sb an unsuccessful attempt to persuade her colleagues | be reluctantly persuaded I was reluctantly persuaded to join the committee. | have difficulty (in) persuading sb They had difficulty in persuading the two sides to sit down together.