pitch noun

1 sports field

ADJ. all-weather, grass, non-turf, synthetic | waterlogged | cricket, hockey, football, rugby

VERB + PITCH invade, run onto The pitch was invaded by angry fans.

PITCH + NOUN invasion Police could do nothing to stop the pitch invasion.

PREP. off the ~ The players have just come off the pitch. Negotiations about his transfer are continuing off the pitch. | on a/the ~ He was the best player on the pitch today.

2 strength of feeling

ADJ. fever, high Excitement rose to fever pitch the day before the procession.

VERB + PITCH reach, rise to

PREP. ~ of to reach a high pitch of excitement

3 of a musical note

ADJ. high, low | correct The instrument is not tuned to the correct pitch.

VERB + PITCH fall in, rise in Her voice fell slightly in pitch as she grew older.

PHRASES have absolute/perfect pitch (= to be able to recognize or produce any given note)