play noun

1 activity done for fun

ADJ. outdoor | creative, imaginative, pretend

PLAY + NOUN area | equipment | scheme The local council runs some good play schemes.

PREP. at ~ Children spend hours at play. | in ~ I only said it in play (= not seriously).

2 drama

ADJ. one-act | radio, television | musical | miracle, morality, mystery, nativity, passion The children always perform a nativity play every Christmas.

VERB + PLAY review The play is reviewed in most of today's papers.

PREP. ~ about a play about teenage runaways > Note at PERFORMANCE(for more verbs)

3 in sport

ADJ. excellent, good | fair | dangerous, dirty, foul, rough, violent He was sent off for foul play.

VERB + PLAY stop Rain stopped play 40 minutes into the match.

PREP. in ~ The ball is still in play. | out of ~ He kicked the ball out of play.

PHRASES at close/start of play (in cricket) At close of play he had scored 38 not out.