popularity noun

ADJ. enormous, great, huge, immense, massive, widespread | growing, increasing | dwindling | continued, continuing | personal | current

VERB + POPULARITY achieve, win | deserve The film deserves its popularity. | court She is a tough decision-maker who does not court popularity. | enjoy | gain (in), grow in Organic produce appears to be gaining in popularity. | retain | regain

POPULARITY + VERB grow | decline, wane

POPULARITY + NOUN rating | stakes They are running neck-and-neck in the popularity stakes.

PREP. ~ among/amongst The current system has never enjoyed popularity among teachers. | ~ with She enjoys huge popularity with the voters.

PHRASES a decline/drop in popularity, an increase/a rise/a surge/an upsurge in popularity the recent upsurge in the popularity of folk music | the peak of (sb/sth's) popularity At the peak of its popularity in the late nineties, the band sold ten million albums a year.