post noun

1 postal system

ADJ. first-class, second-class | registered | inland

PREP. by ~ I sent it by first-class post. | in the ~ My application for the job is in the post.

PHRASES by return of post Orders will be sent by return of post.

2 letters, parcels, etc.

ADJ. first, last If you hurry you'll just catch the last post.

VERB + POST check, open She arrived at the office early and checked her post

VERB + POST box (also postbox)

3 job

ADJ. senior | full-time, part-time | permanent, temporary | vacant | managerial, teaching | government, university

VERB + POST apply for | take up | hold | leave, quit, resign | appoint sb to, fill | dismiss sb from, relieve sb of He was relieved of his post when he was found to have accepted bribes.

PREP. ~ as He quit his post as chief executive. | ~ of She applied for the new post of training officer.

4 place where sb is on duty

ADJ. army, police | command, observation | border, frontier

VERB + POST take up The guard took up his post at the gate. | desert The sentries had deserted their posts.

PREP. at your ~ The gun crew were at their posts.

5 upright piece of wood, etc.

ADJ. finishing, winning | far, near (both in football) He steered a shot between the keeper and the near post.

PHRASES first past the post The first horse past the post wins the race. | pip sb/sth at the post She led for most of the way before being pipped at the post.