press noun

1 media

ADJ. foreign, international, local, national, provincial | gutter, popular, quality, tabloid | financial, music | free A free press is fundamental to democracy.

PRESS + NOUN release, statement He issued a press statement insisting on his innocence. | coverage, report extensive press coverage of the event | cuttings He kept a scrapbook containing press cuttings of his concerts. | officer | photographer | agency | ad, advertisement | campaign | freedom

PREP. in the ~ There was no mention of the incident in the national press.

PHRASES get/have a good/bad, etc. press His latest novel didn't get a very good press (= was not praised in the media).

2 machine for printing

ADJ. printing

VERB + PRESS go to The newspaper goes to press at 6 o'clock.

PRESS + VERB roll The presses are already rolling.

PREP. in ~ Their new book is in press.

PHRASES hot off the press We've just received a copy of her latest book, hot off the press.