property noun

1 possessions

ADJ. personal, private | common, public | intellectual Companies should protect their intellectual property with patents and trademarks. | stolen | lost I phoned the lost property office to see if someone had found my bag.

VERB + PROPERTY dispose of The market was known as a place where people disposed of stolen property.

PROPERTY + NOUN rights The firm was found to have infringed intellectual property rights.

2 land/building

ADJ. freehold, leasehold | adjacent, adjoining, neighbouring | detached, semi-detached | two-bedroom, three-bedroom, etc. | business, commercial, hotel, residential | investment | private | council, council-owned | family

VERB + PROPERTY hold, own | acquire, buy, invest in, purchase | inherit | sell | lease, let, rent out They decided to rent out the property while they were abroad. | rent living in rented property | view We have a potential buyer who wants to view the property. | value The property was valued at £250,000. | put on the market Once the tenants have left, the property will be put on the market.

PROPERTY + NOUN market, prices, values | company, developer | owner | tax | boundary

PHRASES a man/woman of property Now that you've paid off your mortgage, how does it feel to be a woman of property?

3 characteristic

ADJ. biological, chemical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, physical | antiseptic, health-giving, medicinal The medicinal properties of the leaves of this tree have been known for centuries. | observable | individual | general