prospect noun

1 chance/hope that sth will happen

ADJ. reasonable | immediate

VERB + PROSPECT have | offer

PREP. in ~ Major developments are in prospect for the company. | ~ of sth There is little prospect of any improvement in the weather.

2 idea of what may/will happen

ADJ. attractive, exciting, inviting | bleak, daunting

VERB + PROSPECT be excited at, relish, welcome I don't relish the prospect of having to share an office. | be faced with, face 3 prospects chances of being successful

ADJ. bright, excellent, exciting, good | limited, poor | future, long-term | development, economic, growth | career, employment, job, promotion | election, electoral, re-election

VERB + PROSPECT have | offer (sb) This position offers a good starting salary and excellent promotion prospects. | boost, enhance, improve Getting the right qualifications will enhance your employment prospects. | blight, damage, diminish, ruin, wreck | assess, examine, review


PREP. with/without ~ At 25 he was an unemployed musician with no prospects. | ~ for Long-term prospects for the economy have improved. | ~ of Their prospects of employment look better than last year.