punishment noun

ADJ. cruel, harsh, heavy, severe | unusual the constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment | appropriate, fitting | capital | corporal, physical

VERB + PUNISHMENT administer, hand out, impose, inflict, mete out It is unlawful for a teacher to inflict corporal punishment on pupils. Harsh punishment is expected to be meted out to the murderer. | receive, suffer | avoid, escape | deserve

PUNISHMENT + VERB fit the crime The victim's family do not believe that this punishment fits the crime.

PREP. as ~ (for) She had to tidy the classroom as punishment for being late. | ~ for Punishments for killing the king's deer were severe.

PHRASES crime and punishment the sociology of crime and punishment | on pain of punishment (= with the threat of punishment) He was compelled on pain of punishment to answer the question. | reward and punishment They use a system of reward and punishment to discipline their children.