rail noun

1 bar

ADJ. guard, safety | curtain, picture, towel heated towel rails | altar, balcony, banister

VERB + RAIL grip, hold on to, lean on She held tightly on to the rail. | hang from Lace curtains hung from the brass rails over the bed. | fit, fix

PREP. on a/the ~ She sat on the rail. | over a/the ~ He folded the towel over the rail.

2 (usually rails) tracks

VERB + RAIL run along/on ~ Trams run alog rails.

PREP. along (the) ~s The train thundered along the rails. | between the ~ Weeds grew between the rails. | off the ~s The train came off the rails. | on (the) ~s The gun is mounted on rails.

3 railway system

RAIL + NOUN fare, ticket | network modernizing the rail network | route | timetable | service | connection, line, link the Channel Tunnel rail link | journey | commuter, passenger, traveller, user | transport, travel | traffic | freight | bridge | accident, crash, disaster | employee, staff, worker | union | enthusiast

PREP. by ~ We went from London to Budapest by rail.