ray noun

ADJ. powerful | bright | harmful | dying, last the dying rays of a winter sun | cathode, cosmic, gamma, heat, infrared, light, ultraviolet, X- | the moon's, the sun's

VERB + RAY emit, give off, send out gamma rays given off by plutonium | expose sb/sth to | block, filter out, protect/shield sb/sth from creams which filter out the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays | bend, catch, deflect, reflect Her brooch caught the rays of the setting sun.

RAY + VERB filter through sth, pass through sth, penetrate sth, travel the moon's rays filtering through the trees | hit sth When the sun's rays hit the earth, a lot of heat is reflected back into space. | damage sth Ultraviolet rays damage the skin.

PREP. in the ~s of a stream sparkling in the rays of the June sun

PHRASES a ray of light/sunlight/sunshine, the rays of the sun