ready adj.

1 prepared

VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem | get We were getting ready to go out. | get sb trying to get the children ready to leave | consider sb, declare sb, deem sb, judge sb She was concerned to protect the children from the truth until she judged them ready to hear it.

ADV. all I was all ready to leave when the phone rang. | not quite He didn't feel quite ready for marriage. | (just) about, almost, nearly, practically I think we're just about ready to start. | always, ever | not yet | emotionally Though Paul had wanted a child, he wasn't emotionally ready for it.

PREP. for I feel ready for anything! | with He's always ready with a quick answer.

2 prepared and available

VERBS be, stand The suitcases were standing ready by the front door. | have sth, hold sth, keep sth, leave sth Please have your tickets ready for inspection. holding his gun ready I've left everything ready in the kitchen. | get sth, make sth I'll get all the boxes ready. The warships were soon made ready. | consider sth, declare sth, deem sth, judge sth The plane was refuelled and declared ready for service again.

PREP. for The cases are ready for delivery.

3 willing

VERBS appear, be, seem | remain

ADV. more than, only too, very Connors was more than ready to oblige. She was only too ready to believe the worst of him. | always, ever | apparently | clearly

PHRASES ready and willing always ready and willing to help