rebel noun

ADJ. anti-government | left-wing, right-wing | US-backed, etc. | former | armed

QUANT. band, group

VERB + REBEL back, help, support They sent in troops to back the rebels. | repel | defeat | join | lead

REBEL + VERB be based … The rebels were based in camps along the border. | advance | attack sth | capture sth, gain/regain/seize/take control (of sth) The rebels seized control of the national radio headquarters.

REBEL + NOUN faction, group, movement | army, fighters, force/forces, soldiers, troops, officers | commander, leader | control The southern parts of the country had fallen into rebel control. | base, camp, position, stronghold | activity, advance, assault, attack, invasion | cause, movement new recruits to the rebel cause

PREP. against the ~ military operations against the rebels | ~ against a group of rebels against the emperor

PHRASES a bit/something of a rebel (figurative) He's a bit of a rebel (= he doesn't like to obey rules).