recess noun

1 period when a parliament, etc. does not meet

ADJ. Christmas, summer, Whitsun | parliamentary

VERB + RECESS go into, rise for (formal), take Parliament is taking the Christmas recess a little early this year. | return from

PREP. in ~ The decision cannot be made while the council is in recess.

2 part of a wall, set back from the rest of the wall

ADJ. deep | shallow | dark | window

PREP. in/inside to fit a blind inside a window recess

3 (usually recesses) part furthest from the light

ADJ. dark, deep, dim He stared into the dark recesses of the room. | far, inner | hidden

VERB + RECESS lurk in (figurative) fears lurking deep in the recesses of our minds | push sth into/to (figurative) I had continually pushed my doubts to the darker recesses of my mind.

PREP. in/within the ~ of The statue was in the inner recesses of the temple.

PHRASES the recesses of your mind (figurative)