recipe noun

ADJ. good | perfect | sure (figurative) Turning away under a strong attack is a sure recipe for defeat. | delicious, mouth-watering, tasty | favourite | basic The basic recipe can be adapted by adding grated lemon. | easy, simple | complicated | new | authentic, classic, old, original, traditional The ales are brewed to an original Yorkshire recipe. | original Was there rum in the original recipe? | secret, special | family | vegetarian | Italian, Mexican, etc. | cake, sauce, etc.

VERB + RECIPE have I've got a good recipe for fudge. | cook, make This recipe can also be made with ricotta cheese. | try (out) I enjoy trying out new recipes. | read | follow, stick to, use If you want the dish to turn out right you should follow the recipe. | adapt | devise All the recipes in the book have been devised by our team of experts. | discover, find He is credited with having discovered the first recipe for gin back in the 1600s.

RECIPE + VERB call for sth, use sth She always said that if a recipe calls for cream you shouldn't use yogurt instead. | contain sth The recipe contains lots of fat. | make sth, serve sb This recipe makes about thirty biscuits. This recipe serves four people.

RECIPE + NOUN book, card, leaflet | idea a magazine filled with recipe ideas

PREP. to a ~ The dish is made to a traditional Italian recipe. | ~ for a recipe for leek soup (figurative) To live every day to the full is a recipe for happiness.

PHRASES a recipe for disaster/success