record noun

1 account

ADJ. formal No formal record of the marriage now survives. | official, public | permanent | accurate, careful, exact | up-to-date | adequate, proper, reliable | inadequate | incomplete, sketchy | brief | complete, comprehensive, detailed, extensive, systematic | verbatim | authentic | daily | documentary, handwritten, written | photographic, pictorial | archival, historical | archaeological This period of barbarian rule is poorly represented in the archaeological record. | fossil, geological | administrative, departmental, financial, personnel | dental, health, medical

VERB + RECORD keep He has always kept an accurate record of his spending. | check, consult I checked the records but nobody of that name had worked here. | destroy Medical records should not be destroyed. | file | update | be on, go on She is on record as saying that she once took drugs. He is the latest public figure to go on (the) record about corruption in politics.

RECORD + VERB contain sth The records contain the bank details of all employees. | show sth The records showed that the building had not been inspected for ten years. | suggest sth Fossil records suggest that the region was covered in water until relatively recently. | exist, survive No record exists of a battle on this site. | go back The university records go back as far as the 13th century.

PREP. in the ~(s) The historic agreement is preserved in the university records. | off/on the ~ Off the record, he told the interviewer what he thought of his colleagues. | ~ of a record of achievement | ~ on records on children's progress

PHRASES access to the records Under the law, every citizen has access to their official records. | put/set the record straight She called a press conference to set the record straight about her disappearance.

2 best result, highest level, etc.

ADJ. all-comers, club, course, national, Olympic, track, world | unbeaten, unbroken | long-standing Bob Beamon's long-standing record for the long jump was eventually broken. | all-time | speed

VERB + RECORD hold Who holds the 100 metre sprint record? | establish, set She has just set a new world record. | beat, break, shatter If she continues like this she could beat the record. | equal He has equalled the Olympic record.

RECORD + VERB stand His mile record stood for twelve years. | fall

RECORD + NOUN book/books Bubka rewrote the pole-vault record books during his career. | attempt | breaker, holder | high, number Unemployment has reached a record high (= the highest level ever). There was a record number of candidates for the post.

PREP. ~ for These viewing figures are an all-time record for a single broadcast. | ~ with Lewis established a new world record with a time of 9.86 seconds.

PHRASES in record time I got to work in record time.

3 sb's performance in a particular area

ADJ. past, track | distinguished, enviable, excellent, exceptional, exemplary, fine, formidable, good, impressive, magnificent, outstanding, proven, remarkable, unique, unparalleled, unrivalled | abysmal, appalling, atrocious, bad, dismal, mediocre, poor, sorry | unenviable He has an unenviable record of ill-health. | satisfactory | consistent | clean, unblemished Apart from a parking fine ten years before, she had an unblemished driving record. | academic, educational, school | military | attendance The teacher spoke to her about her poor attendance record. | economic, environmental, human-rights the government's economic record | disciplinary | criminal, police | accident, safety The airline's accident record makes it among the safest.

VERB + RECORD have, possess | keep, maintain The company has maintained an accident-free record since it started business.

RECORD + VERB show sth Her record shows that she is able to compete under great pressure. | compare with sth Our record compares favourably with that of any similar-sized company. | speak for itself When it comes to quality, our record speaks for itself.

PREP. ~ among They have the worst human-rights record among member countries. | ~ for He has an appalling record for dishonesty. | ~ in The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in project management. | ~ on the government's abysmal record on crime

PHRASES on past records On past records, she should have no problem passing the exam. | on sb's past record

4 music

ADJ. long-playing | gramophone | classical, jazz, pop | best-selling

VERB + RECORD cut, make | release They released their first record in 1963. | listen to, play, put on I'll put on one of my favourite records.

RECORD + NOUN company, industry, label | producer | deal The band signed their first record deal a year after forming. | collection | shop | library | player | sleeve