referendum noun

ADJ. planned, proposed | popular | national, nationwide | constitutional, independence

VERB + REFERENDUM conduct, hold The referendum will be held on July 14th. | put sth to The proposals were put to a referendum. | call The president called a referendum that he hoped would confirm him in power. | call for, demand, propose The group called for a referendum on the death penalty. | oppose | boycott The unions urged people to boycott the referendum. | declare, organize | be adopted by, be approved by, be confirmed by, be endorsed by a new constitution adopted by referendum

REFERENDUM + VERB show sth A popular referendum showed that the majority of people want reform.

REFERENDUM + NOUN proposal The Democrats rejected the referendum proposal. | campaign | result

PREP. in a/the ~ The issue will be decided in a national referendum. | ~ on a referendum on a new constitution

PHRASES declare a referendum fair/illegal UN monitors declared the referendum fair. | the result/results of a referendum