regard verb

1 (often be regarded) think of sb/sth in a particular way

ADV. highly, well She was highly regarded as a sculptor. | generally, universally, widely The project was widely regarded as a success. | commonly, popularly, usually | conventionally, traditionally Foxes were traditionally regarded as vermin. | legitimately, properly, reasonably Civil contempt is not properly regarded as a criminal offence. | hitherto | still | no longer

VERB + REGARD seem to He seemed to regard the whole thing as a joke. | tend to They tend to regard the open expression of emotion as being soft and feminine. | come to I had come to regard him as a close friend. | continue to | be tempted to, be tempting to The successful are often tempted to regard their success as a kind of reward. | be a mistake to It would be a mistake to regard the incident as unimportant.

PREP. as Many of her works are regarded as classics. | with They regarded people outside their own village with suspicion.

2 look steadily at sb/sth

ADV. steadily | intently | curiously, suspiciously, thoughtfully, warily

VERB + REGARD continue to His eyes continued to regard her steadily.

PREP. with She regarded the mess with distaste.