register noun

1 list of names

ADJ. detailed | full | up-to-date | annual | central, national, public | statutory | professional | attendance, membership | electoral, voters' | medical | birth, burial, marriage | address | class, school | church, parish | hotel | asset, land, property, share

VERB + REGISTER appear on, be on All those appearing on the register must notify the authorities of any change of address. | remain on | keep, maintain They keep a register of all those who have contributed to the fund. | call, take The teacher takes the register at the beginning of each class. | inspect | compile, create, draw up, establish She was asked to draw up a register of suitable sites. | add sb/sth to, enter sb/sth in/on, register sb/sth in/on Their names had been entered in the register as owners of the company. | omit sb/sth from | remove sb from, strike sb from/off He was struck off the medical register for professional misconduct. | sign The bride and bridegroom signed the register.

REGISTER + VERB contain sth, include sth a register containing details of four million cars


PREP. in a /the~ It was the last entry in the register. | on a/the ~ There are 36 children on the register.

PHRASES an entry in/on a register

2 range of a voice/an instrument

ADJ. high, low, middle, upper the lower register of the piano

PREP. in a/the ~ boy trebles singing in high registers

3 level/style of a piece of writing/speech

ADJ. formal, informal | appropriate

VERB + REGISTER adopt He has adopted an informal register so as not to alienate his audience.