regret noun

ADJ. big, bitter, deep, genuine, great, profound, real, sincere Her biggest regret was that she had never had children. She expressed deep regret at the incident.

QUANT. pang, stab, tinge, twinge

VERB + REGRET feel, have I have absolutely no regrets about resigning. | express, show

PREP. to your ~ To my regret, I lost touch with her years ago. | with ~ It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr Fred Fisher. | without ~ She thought of them without regret. | ~ about/over She showed no regret about leaving her country. | ~ at my sincere regret at what has happened | ~ for She enjoyed living alone, but felt a tiny pang of regret for her mother's cooking.

PHRASES expression of regret The police offered no expression of regret at his wrongful arrest. | a matter for/of regret I never learned to play an instrument and that's a matter of some regret.