regulation noun

1 control of sth

ADJ. strict, tight, tough | increased | government, international, official, professional, public, state | legal, statutory | self, voluntary | economic, environmental, financial | price, temperature

VERB + REGULATION call for, demand They are calling for tighter regulation of the industry. | introduce | be subject to Theatre, cinema and broadcasting are all subject to regulation by local authorities.

PREP. ~ by regulation by local authorities

2 (usually regulations) law/rule

ADJ. strict, stringent, tighter, tougher The Act imposes more stringent regulations on atmospheric pollution. | draft | emergency | statutory | building, fire, hygiene, planning, safety, traffic, etc. | EU, federal, government, international, official | prison, school

VERB + REGULATION comply with, conform to, meet, observe, satisfy To comply with government hygiene regulations, there must be a separate sink for hand washing. | breach, break, contravene, flout, infringe | adopt, bring in, impose, introduce, issue, make These restrictions are set out in regulations made by the minister. | liberalize, relax The government is under pressure to relax censorship regulations. | tighten | enforce In practice, the regulations are rarely enforced.

REGULATION + VERB be designed to The regulations are designed to encourage lower consumption of water. | control sth, govern sth, protect sth regulations governing trade and industry | impose sth, require sth, restrict sth, specify sth, stipulate sth Regulations require water authorities to test sea water for bacteria. | apply (to sth) These regulations apply to all cows sold after June 1998. | come into force

REGULATION + NOUN uniform, white shirt, etc. She was wearing the regulation school uniform.

PREP. against (the) ~s It's against safety regulations to fix these doors open. | in (the) ~ The limits are specified in the regulations. | under (the) ~ Under the new regulations, each worker must have a rest every two hours. | ~s concerning/regarding There are strict regulations concerning the adoption of children. | ~ on regulations on hygiene

PHRASES a breach of the regulations, compliance with a regulation, in accordance with (the) regulations The notice is in accordance with Regulation 7. | rules and regulations