resist verb

ADV. fiercely, firmly, resolutely, strenuously, strongly, vigorously | successfully They successfully resisted pressure from their competitors to increase prices. | naturally People naturally resist change. | stubbornly | passively The civil population passively resisted. | physically | at first, initially, so far He has so far resisted pressure to resign.

VERB + RESIST be able/unable to, can/could (hardly), can't/couldn't (easily) She could hardly resist the urge to turn and run. Trends in the national economy confront firms with pressures they cannot easily resist. | can/could never, can/could no longer | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | try to | manage to | be determined to | be helpless to, be powerless to She was powerless to resist the attraction that she felt to him. | tend to

PHRASES the strength to resist sth