responsibility noun

1 being responsible

ADJ. full, total | awesome, great, heavy, weighty It is a great responsibility looking after other people's children. | direct | overall | primary | ultimate Ultimate responsibility rests with the prime minister. | special | diminished He was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility. | sole | collective, joint, shared | individual, personal | ministerial, parental | financial, legal, moral, social

VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have She has responsibility for public transport. | accept, assume, bear, shoulder, take (on/over) The bank refuses to accept responsibility for the mistake. Will you take responsibility for arranging the food? | share | lay, place The government of the time placed responsibility for the poor on the Church. | delegate, devolve, hand over devolving responsibility downwards so decisions are taken nearer to the people they will affect | abdicate, evade, shirk, shift to shift legal responsibility for the correct labelling of goods onto the shopkeeper | admit, claim No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb attack. | deny, disclaim, duck Ducking responsibility is fatal in a democracy. | allocate, assign (sb), give sb | attribute He attributed responsibility for the killing to the secret service. | burden sb with | absolve sb from/of

RESPONSIBILITY + VERB fall on sb, lie/rest with sb

PREP. ~ for Full responsibility for the fiasco lies with the PR department. | ~ towards He feels a strong sense of responsibility towards his parents.

PHRASES the age of criminal responsibility, the burden of responsibility The school governors carry a special burden of responsibility. | do sth on your own responsibility (= without being told to and being willing to take the blame if it goes wrong), a position of responsibility, a sense of responsibility

2 job/duty

ADJ. heavy, onerous | additional, increased | altered | caring, departmental, domestic, family, financial, managerial, ministerial, parental, professional, teaching | contractual, statutory | particular, special

VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have | carry out, discharge, fulfil | accept, face up to, take on, undertake He seems unwilling to face up to his responsibilities as a father. I don't feel ready to take on new responsibilities. | delegate | avoid, evade, shirk | relieve sb of

PREP. ~ for The heads of school departments have particular responsibilities for the curriculum. | ~ to/towards The club has a responsibility to its members.

PHRASES duties and responsibilities, rights and responsibilities parental rights and responsibilities