restaurant noun

ADJ. large | little, small | elegant, excellent, fine, good, smart, stylish | cheap, expensive | local | crowded | family | candlelit, intimate | a la carte | self-service | take-away | licensed | Chinese, French, etc. | fast-food, fish, seafood

VERB + RESTAURANT go (out) to If you're too tired to cook, let's go to a restaurant. | leave, walk out of They walked out of the restaurant without paying. | manage, run She runs a family fish restaurant on the seafront.

RESTAURANT + VERB offer sth, serve sth, specialize in sth a restaurant offering a wide variety of local specialities The hotel restaurant serves a buffet breakfast. an Asian restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine

RESTAURANT + NOUN manager, owner, staff | chain

PREP. at a/the ~ They argued the whole time we were at the restaurant. | in a/the ~ We had a quick meal in a small local restaurant.