room noun

1 in a house/building

ADJ. big, cavernous, enormous, high, high-ceilinged, huge, large, palatial, spacious, vast | cell-like, cramped, little, low, low-ceilinged, narrow, small, tiny | L-shaped, odd-shaped | north-facing, south-facing, etc. | airy, well-ventilated | airless, claustrophobic, stuffy, windowless | bright | dark, dim, dimly-lit, dingy, moonlit, pitch-dark, shadowed, shadowy, unlighted | depressing, dreary | chilly, cold, draughty | hot, warm | clean, tidy | dirty, dusty, scruffy, shabby, smelly, untidy | comfortable, cosy, homely | attractive, beautiful, elegant, graceful, gracious, handsome, impressive, luxurious, magnificent, pretty | bare, bleak, empty | book-lined | newly-painted, whitewashed | tiled, wood-panelled | crowded, overcrowded | smoke-filled, smoky | quiet, silent | locked | adjacent, adjoining | attic, back, basement, downstairs, front, upstairs | first-floor, second-floor, etc. | guest, spare Our guests are sleeping in the spare room. | hotel | double, family, single, three-bedded, twin-bedded | bed-sitting | rented | breakfast, dining, living, reception, sitting, utility | dressing, make-up, rehearsal | control | fitness, weight-training | news, press He emailed his report back to the news room. | committee, conference, meeting | storage, store (also storeroom) | incident, interview Police have set up an incident room at the scene of the murder. | changing, locker, shower | emergency, first-aid, medical, recovery, treatment | lecture, reading, seminar, staff (also staffroom) | boiler, engine

VERB + ROOM burst into, come/go into, creep into, enter, hurry into, march into, run/rush into, slip/sneak into, step into, storm into, stride into, walk into, wander into | back out of, come/go out of, creep out of, flounce out of, hurry out of, leave, march out of, run/rush out of, slip out of, step out of, storm out of, stride out of, walk out of As soon as the teacher left the room there was uproar. | show sb into, usher sb into | cross, go around/round, pace (around/round), prowl (around/round), walk, wander around/round He was pacing the room nervously. She prowled around the room like a caged tiger. I wandered restlessly round my room. | echo around/round, run around/round A ripple of laughter ran round the room. | glance, look around/round, scan | fill | clean, tidy | decorate, paint a room decorated in pastel shades | air, ventilate | light a room lit by one dusty light bulb | share I used to share a room with my sister. | occupy | vacate Guests are requested to vacate their rooms by 11 a.m. | set aside a room set aside for quiet study | book, hire, rent We hired a room for the party. I rented a room while looking for a house to buy.

ROOM + VERB adjoin sth, face sth, overlook sth The room adjoins the hotel kitchens. | contain sth The room contained little more than a table and chair. | be crammed with sth, be filled with sth, be full of sth | be equipped with sth, be furnished with sth, have sth The patient was in a private room equipped with bathroom and colour TV. | measure sth a room measuring 6 metres by 7 | darken | fall silent, grow quiet The room fell silent as she rose to speak. | smell The room smelled of stale sweat and coffee. | spin, sway She felt sick and the room was spinning.

ROOM + NOUN key | number | lighting, lights | mate (also room-mate) (= person who you share a room or house with) | service | temperature This wine should be served at room temperature. | rates Soaring room rates have put tourists off visiting the city.

PREP. around/round a/the ~, from ~ to ~ She flew from room to room looking for the fire extinguisher. | in/into a/the ~, inside a/the ~

2 space; enough space

ADJ. ample, considerable, enough, sufficient | insufficient | head (also headroom), leg (also legroom)

ADJ. leave, make We had to move the furniture to make room for the piano.

PREP. ~ for Will there be enough room for that large sofa in your sitting room? (figurative) The sales figures are good, but there is still room for improvement.

PHRASES room for manoeuvre