route noun

ADJ. quick, short The shortest route home is round the ring road. | convenient, easy | long | direct | circuitous, circular, devious, indirect, roundabout, tortuous | dangerous, safe | attractive, beautiful, scenic We had plenty of time so we took the scenic route. | accessible | alternative Travellers are advised to find an alternative route during road repairs. | main, trunk | air, overland, sea | bus, cycle, etc. | shipping, supply, trade | coastal | east-west, southerly, southern, etc. | trans-Pennine, trans-Sahara, etc. | tourist | well-travelled, well-worn | access | escape

VERB + ROUTE follow, take | choose, map out, plan, work out You'll have to plan your route carefully. | retrace We retraced our route in an attempt to get back on the right path.

ROUTE + VERB cross sth, follow sth, go, pass through sth, run, take sb The alternative route takes you along the river. | climb, turn | lead | lie Our route lay straight ahead and downhill.


PREP. along the ~ There are plenty of bed and breakfasts along the route. | on the ~ We live on the school bus route. | ~ between the most direct route between London and Brighton | ~ from the air route from Berlin to Beijing | ~ through a scenic route through the south of France | ~ to the shortest route to Bruges the best route to success

PHRASES en route (= on the way) We'll stop for lunch en route.