run noun

1 on foot

ADJ. five-mile, etc. | fun, sponsored The local council has organized a two-mile fun run for charity. | training | record-breaking The Ethiopian is aiming to produce his second record-breaking run of the week.

VERB + RUN go for, have Let's go for a run before dinner. | go on I'm going on a sponsored run tomorrow. | break into When he saw me he broke into a run. | take He took a run at the wall and just managed to clear it.

PREP. at a ~ She took the stairs at a run. | on the ~ (= escaping by running) The prisoners have now been on the run for three days.

PHRASES make a run for it (= escape by running)

2 of success/failure

ADJ. bad, disappointing, disastrous, dismal, poor | excellent, fine, good, remarkable, successful | unbeaten, winning | record-breaking

VERB + RUN enjoy, have Spurs have had a winning run of ten games. | begin | end Manchester United have finally ended their run of victories.

RUN + VERB begin | end

PREP. ~ of a run of good/bad luck

3 of a play/film

ADJ. long | short | eight-week, six-month, etc. | successful | sell-out

VERB + RUN have The play had a long run in the West End. | begin They play began its run last June. | end

RUN + VERB begin | end

4 way things are/happen

ADJ. common, general, ordinary, usual She was very different from the general run of American movie stars. In the normal run of things the only exercise he gets is climbing in and out of taxis.

PHRASES against the run of play Villa scored in the 15th minute against the run of play (= although the other team had seemed more likely to score).

5 in cricket/baseball

ADJ. home

VERB + RUN get, make, score They've got another run! He's only made four home runs all season. | be on, have Our team is on 90 runs.

6 attempt/practice

ADJ. dry, dummy, practice, trial