safety noun

ADJ. extra, greater The seat is bolted in place for extra safety. | comparative, reasonable, relative A blizzard forced the climbers back to the relative safety of their tents. | perfect Walkways allow visitors to enter the caves in perfect safety. | child, passenger, personal, public The house has to be rearranged with a view to child safety. | fire, food, nuclear, etc. | air, home, industrial, occupational, road, traffic, etc.

VERB + SAFETY ensure, guarantee | improve | fear for Police fear for the safety of the missing children.

SAFETY + NOUN controls, improvements, limits, measures, precautions, procedures, provisions | guidelines, laws, legislation, levels, policy, recommendations, regulations, requirements, rules, standards | violation | hazard, risk | check, inspection | inspector, officer, official, watchdog The plan was rejected by the government nuclear safety watchdog. | record | aspect, considerations, factor, implications, issues, matters | awareness The police are conducting a safety awareness programme in local schools. | campaign, initiative, training | belt, equipment, features, harness, helmet, rope The car has many safety features, including anti-skid braking. | catch, device, valve | barrier, net (often figurative) State benefits provide a safety net for the very poor. | glass, pin, razor, seat

PREP. for ~ The stairs are fitted with handrails either side for safety. | for your own ~ The police gave him protection for his own safety. | in ~ The people want to be able to walk the streets at night in safety. | to ~ We managed to run to safety before the building collapsed.

PHRASES for safety reasons For safety reasons, children should not operate the machine unsupervised. | health and safety The company was fined by the health and safety inspectors. | on safety grounds The playground was closed down on safety grounds. | a place of safety The refugees finally reached a place of safety. | safety first When cycling on the roads, remember: safety first.