satisfaction noun

ADJ. complete, deep, great, immense, tremendous | evident, obvious | quiet | personal | job | sexual

QUANT. level My current level of job satisfaction is pretty low.

VERB + SATISFACTION derive, feel, find, gain, get, have, take He derived great satisfaction from knowing that his son was happy. Although we didn't win, we were able to take some satisfaction from our performance. | bring (sb), give sb, provide (sb with) | express

PREP. in ~ She watched in satisfaction as he opened the present. | to your ~ The matter was resolved to our general satisfaction. | with ~ He nodded with evident satisfaction. | ~ at her deep satisfaction at seeing justice done | ~ in I find satisfaction in helping people. | ~ of I had the satisfaction of proving him wrong. | ~ with Both parties expressed their complete satisfaction with the decision.

PHRASES cause/grounds for satisfaction Although the team lost, their performance gave cause for satisfaction. | a feeling/sense of satisfaction, a source of satisfaction The children were a major source of satisfaction.