scale noun

1 size/extent

ADJ. full It was several days before the full scale of the accident became clear. | big, considerable, grand, greater, huge, large, massive, monumental, vast | modest, small | sheer It is difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the suffering caused by the war. | unprecedented a misuse of presidential power on an unprecedented scale | ambitious, lavish Do they always entertain on such a lavish scale? | global, international, national, regional, world | commercial The dolls are now produced on a commercial scale. | human The city would operate on a more human scale if cars were banned from the centre.

VERB + SCALE increase | reduce

PREP. in ~ The paintings are small in scale. | on a ~ pollution on a massive scale

PHRASES an economy of scale Economies of scale enable the larger companies to lower their prices. | the scale of the problem

2 range of values

ADJ. fixed | sliding Benefits are paid on a sliding scale according to family income. | rating | time Can you give me any sort of time scale for the completion of the building work? | evolutionary | social | pay, salary, wage The company has a five-point pay scale. | Beaufort, Richter The earthquake measured 6.4 on the Richter scale.

VERB + SCALE go/move down/up, rise up He has risen up the social scale from rather humble beginnings.

SCALE + VERB go/range from … to … a scale ranging from ‘utterly miserable’ to ‘deliriously happy’

PREP. on a/the ~ Where do birds come on the evolutionary scale? | ~ of … to … On a scale of 1 to 10, he scores 7.

PHRASES the bottom/end/top of the scale After 10 years, she had worked her way to the top of the pay scale.

3 relation between actual size and size of a model, etc.

VERB + SCALE draw sth to | have

SCALE + NOUN drawing, model He's made a scale model of the Eiffel Tower.

PREP. to ~ The plan of the building is not drawn to scale. | ~ of … to … The map has a scale of one centimetre to the kilometre. a scale of 1: 25,000

4 in music

ADJ. major, minor | chromatic, diatonic, diminished, pentatonic, whole-tone

VERB + SCALE play, sing | practise We could hear her practising her scales.

PREP. ~ of the scale of C major

5 on a fish, etc.

ADJ. overlapping | fine, thin | armoured | fish

VERB + SCALE be covered in/with