scandal noun

ADJ. big, great, major | fresh | national, public | bribery, corruption, drug/drugs, financial, political, sex/sexual

QUANT. series The government was rocked by a series of scandals.

VERB + SCANDAL cause, create | expose, reveal, uncover | be embroiled in, be implicated in, be involved in, be mixed up in There have been calls for the resignation of the minister involved in the sex scandal. | be rocked by | attract Their relationship attracted a lot of scandal. | spread, stir up She's always trying to stir up scandal. | cover up, hush up

SCANDAL + VERB break, develop, erupt The scandal broke on the front pages of all the papers the next day. | involve sb/sth | surround sb/sth financial scandals surrounding the government

PREP. in a/the ~ He was imprisoned for his part in the bribery scandal. | ~ over the scandals over corruption in public life

PHRASES the centre of a scandal The apartment was paid for by the bank at the centre of the scandal. | a hint/suggestion of scandal Until the story was published there had been no hint of scandal.