scrap noun

1 small piece or amount

ADJ. little She scribbled the address on a little scrap of paper. | food The pigs are fed on food scraps.

PREP. ~ of Every scrap of land in the town has been built on.

2 recyclable items or material

QUANT. piece

VERB + SCRAP sell sth for The engine has been sold for scrap. | collect

SCRAP + NOUN iron, material, metal, paper, etc. | heap, yard (also scrapyard) My first computer has been consigned to the scrap heap. | dealer, merchant | value Police estimate the scrap value of the lead at around £8,000.

3 fight

VERB + SCRAP get into, have

PREP. in a/the ~ He looks like he's been in a scrap. | ~ with He had a bit of a scrap with the boy next door.