seat noun

1 for sitting on

ADJ. empty, spare, vacant There were no empty seats left in the hall. Do you have a spare seat in your car? | comfortable, comfy | cushioned | bicycle, car | back, front, rear I always feel sick if I sit in the back seat of the car. | driver's, driving, passenger | baby, child, safety | pillion I had a terrifying journey on the pillion seat of a Honda 750. | aisle, window I always ask for an aisle seat when I fly. | lavatory, toilet | good, ringside I got to the theatre early to get a good seat. We had ringside seats for the boxing match.

VERB + SEAT get, have, take Please take a seat. Is this seat taken? | book, reserve Is it possible to book seats for the play? | save Can you save me a seat if you get there first? | occupy, sit on The best seats were occupied by the friends and families of the performers. It is very uncomfortable to sit on these seats. | resume The audience resumed their seats for the second half of the play. | give up, vacate He gave up his seat on the bus to a pregnant woman. | lean back in, recline in, settle back in | settle into We had hardly settled into our seats when the first goal was scored. | get (up) out of | put back, recline

SEAT + NOUN cover | reservation

PREP. in a/the ~ The man in the passenger seat seemed to be asleep. | on a/the ~ I found my gloves lying on the back seat. | out of a/the ~ He leapt out of his seat when he saw the rat. | ~ for I managed to get some seats for the ballet.

2 in Parliament, etc.

ADJ. congressional, parliamentary, Senate | marginal | safe | Labour, Tory, etc.

VERB + SEAT gain, win | lose He lost his seat in the last election. | keep, retain | regain | contest | resign

PREP. ~ in a seat in Parliament | ~ on a seat on the local council