security noun

1 feeling safe/being free from worry

ADJ. greater | emotional, psychological | economic, financial | job

VERB + SECURITY have They have the security of a good home. | give (sb), provide (sb with) He gave her the emotional security she needed.

PHRASES be lulled into a false sense of security, a feeling/sense of security, the security of tenure

2 to protect sb/sth from thieves, attack, war, etc.

ADJ. maximum, top Screw windows to the frame for maximum security. a maximum security prison | heightened | strict, tight | lax | collective | national, state | internal | personal | home

VERB + SECURITY ensure, provide (sb with) | improve, strengthen, tighten (up) We need to tighten security around the hotel during the president's visit. | compromise, undermine The leaking of secrets from the Defence Ministry has compromised national security.

SECURITY + NOUN apparatus, forces, services | adviser, guard, man, people, personnel, staff | arrangements, matters, measures, policy, system | check | risk | camera, device, van, video

PREP. ~ against The bars are to provide security against break-ins.

PHRASES for security reasons For security reasons, passengers are requested not to leave any luggage unattended. | peace and security

3 when you borrow money

VERB + SECURITY lend sth on | stand His father agreed to stand security for his son's house-purchase loan. | take (sth as)

PREP. against the ~ of The bank will make a loan against the security of the lender's house. | as ~ She pledged her jewellery as security for a £50,000 loan. | ~ for 4 securities share documents

ADJ. company, government | foreign, overseas | listed, unlisted | gilt-edged

VERB + SECURITY issue | buy | sell