settle verb

1 end an argument

ADV. amicably, peacefully Hopes of settling the conflict peacefully are fading. | satisfactorily The matter has not yet been satisfactorily settled. | eventually, finally | informally, out of court The company has agreed to settle out of court (= come to an agreement without going to court).

VERB + SETTLE attempt to, try to | agree to

PREP. with After six months, the company finally settled with the unions.

PHRASES an attempt to settle sth

2 choose a permanent home

ADV. permanently He has now settled permanently in London. | eventually, finally | happily | down

VERB + SETTLE decide to, intend to

PHRASES be densely settled a fertile area that was densely settled in early times | be ready to settle down She felt she wasn't yet ready to settle down.

3 make sb/yourself comfortable

ADV. comfortably, happily, peacefully, snugly He settled himself more comfortably in his chair. | quickly, soon | back, down He settled back in his chair to watch television. She settled down for a quiet doze on the sofa.

VERB + SETTLE be unable to, can't/couldn't Unable to settle, she trailed around the house all day. | allow sb to, let sb She kept fussing around, refusing to let him settle. | help (to), help sb (to) I took a pill to help settle my nerves. PHRASAL VERBS settle in/settle into sth

ADV. happily, nicely The kids settled happily into their new school. | quickly, soon