shift noun

1 change

ADJ. distinct, dramatic, fundamental, major, marked, profound, pronounced, radical, significant, substantial | discernible | slight, subtle | gradual | abrupt, sudden | decisive, irreversible, long-term | climate, cultural, demographic, ideological, policy, population

VERB + SHIFT be, represent These proposals represent a dramatic shift in policy. | bring about, cause, lead to, produce, result in | mark, see The moment marked a significant shift in attitudes to the war. | detect I detected a subtle shift towards our point of view. | explain one factor which may explain the president's policy shift

SHIFT + VERB occur, take place These climate shifts occurred over less than a decade.

PREP. ~ between the many shifts between verse and prose that occur in Shakespeare | ~ (away) from the shift away from direct taxation | ~ in a shift in public opinion | ~ to a sudden shift to the right in British politics | ~ towards a shift towards part-time farming

2 division of the working day

ADJ. double, long, split I agreed to work double shifts for a few weeks. | day, early, late, night | eight-hour, ten-hour, etc. | afternoon, evening, morning, weekend

VERB + SHIFT be/come/go on, do, work (in) ~s I'm doing the early shift this week. I didn't realize that I'd have to work shifts. The clinic is staffed by ten doctors who work in shifts. | change (your) ~s It was 8.00 a.m. and the nurses were changing shifts. My husband has changed his shifts, from the afternoon shift to the night one. | be/go/come off

SHIFT + NOUN work | supervisor, manager, worker | pattern, system They'd altered his shift pattern twice in the past fortnight.

PREP. on a/the ~ a decision for the chief nurse on each shift