shopping noun

1 food, etc. bought in shops

VERB + SHOPPING be laden with | carry | put away, unpack They unpacked the shopping and put it away.

2 activity of shopping

ADJ. weekend, weekly, week's I do my weekly shopping on a Saturday. | Christmas | supermarket | home, Internet the move towards home shopping using your computer | late-night | duty-free | window | one-stop the consumers' demand for one-stop shopping (= buying all they need in one place)

VERB + SHOPPING do, go (out) She's doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I have to go shopping in town this afternoon.

SHOPPING + NOUN bag, basket, trolley | list | arcade, area, centre, complex, facilities, mall, precinct, street the town's main shopping street | expedition, spree, trip She won £10,000 and immediately went on a shopping spree. | hours outside normal shopping hours