show noun

1 type of entertainment

ADJ. live | family, popular | radio, television/TV | floor, stage | benefit, charity | chat, talk | game, quiz | cabaret, comedy, magic, musical, talent, variety | film, light, slide | Punch and Judy, puppet | freak | peep | one-man, one-woman, solo | sb's own She finally got her own TV show. | road, touring, travelling

VERB + SHOW see, watch Did you see the Lenny Henry Show last night? | host

SHOW + VERB feature sb/sth, star sb a live show featuring the best of Irish talent

SHOW + NOUN business

PREP. from a/the ~ songs from the show | in a/the ~ one of the acts in the show | on a/the ~ (only used about television and radio shows) I saw her on a chat show yesterday.

PHRASES the star of the show The dog was the real star of the show. > Note at PERFORMANCE(for more verbs)

2 public display/exhibition

ADJ. big | annual, spring, summer | local | agricultural, air, art, boat, cat, dog, fashion, flower, horse, motor, trade

VERB + SHOW have, hold, organize, put on They are holding a big fashion show at the Hilton tonight. | attend, go to

SHOW + VERB feature The show features the work of local artists.

SHOW + NOUN ring

PREP. at a/the ~ There were more than 500 exhibitors at the trade show. | on ~ (being shown for people to look at) The paintings are on show until April.

3 outward expression of an emotion/attitude

ADJ. great | brave | public

VERB + SHOW make, put on Although she hated him, she put on a show of politeness. | be all He shouts a lot but it's all show.

PREP. for ~ She pretends to be interested in opera, but it's only for show. | ~ of He made a great show of welcoming us.

PHRASES a show of force/strength The Democrats organized a show of strength, a mass rally in Central Park.