shutter noun

1 cover for a window

ADJ. closed, open He left the shutter open. | metal, steel, wooden | security, window

VERB + SHUTTER have | fling open, fold back, open, throw back/open He threw open the shutters to cool the room. | close, pull down, put up The village shop had put up the shutters for the night.

SHUTTER + VERB be/come down All the shutters in the street were down. (figurative) I could feel the shutters coming down in her mind.

PREP. behind ~ She could be seen waiting for him behind half-closed shutters. | through ~ Daylight was filtering through the shutters when he woke up.

2 part of a camera

ADJ. camera


SHUTTER + VERB click As the princess approached you could hear hundreds of camera shutters clicking.

SHUTTER + NOUN speed You will need a fast shutter speed for photographing sport.