significance noun

ADJ. considerable, criminal, deep, enormous, great, immense, major, profound, real | full, general, wider The scientists are cautious about the wider significance of their findings. | limited, minor | particular, special | real, true They failed to appreciate the true significance of these discoveries. | functional, practical, statistical, strategic, symbolic, theoretical | constitutional, cultural, economic, moral, historical, political, religious, social

VERB + SIGNIFICANCE have The ceremony has great symbolic significance. | acquire, assume, gain, take on Suddenly his son's relationship with the girl took on a new significance. | attach Let us not attach too much significance to these meetings. | assess | appreciate, be aware of, grasp, understand | exaggerate | minimize, play down, underestimate

SIGNIFICANCE + VERB lie in sth The significance of this lies in the fact that he had previously denied all knowledge of the fund. | attach to sth Does any significance attach to the use of the technical terms?

PREP. ~ for/to a meal that has particular significance for a Jewish family | of ~ a policy of special significance to women

PHRASES be of little, no, etc. significance