split verb

1 break into two or more parts

ADV. easily Plastic splits quite easily. | apart

PREP. into He split the log into several pieces.

PHRASES split (sth) across/down the middle The lid had split down the middle. | split (sth) open The ripe seed pod splits open and scatters the seeds. | split (sth) in half/two Split the coconut in half.

2 separate into different groups

ADV. formally | eventually, finally | apart, away, off, up The rock group split up last year.

PREP. from Several factions split from the party. | into On January 1,1993 Czechoslovakia formally split into two independent states. | on/over The party finally split over the issue of gun control.

PHRASES be deeply/irrevocably split The party is deeply split on this issue.

3 divide/share sth

ADV. equally, evenly

PREP. among, between The cost has been split equally between three countries.

PHRASES split sth two/three/four ways The profit will be split three ways.