standing noun

1 reputation

ADJ. good, high | low | equal | public | international | academic, economic, financial, legal, moral, political, professional, social

VERB + STANDING have Professor Greenan has a high standing in the academic world. | enhance, improve | damage, diminish

STANDING + VERB decline, fall | rise

PREP. of … ~ She married into a family of higher social standing. | ~ among her low standing among her fellow scientists | ~ as His standing as a film director has risen in recent years. | ~ in/within his international standing in cancer research | ~ with She was appointed for her high moral standing with the general public.

PHRASES in good standing with sb a knight in good standing with the king

2 length of time that sth has existed

ADJ. long | many years', 25 years', etc. Their relationship is of many years' standing.

PREP. of … ~