straight adj.

1 not bent or curved

VERBS be, look | become | stay | keep sth Keep your back absolutely straight.

ADV. absolutely, completely, dead, perfectly Keep going in a dead straight line. His teeth were white and perfectly straight. | almost, more or less, nearly, practically | fairly, relatively

2 level/upright

VERBS be, look | hang sth, put sth Can you hang that sign straight for me?

ADV. absolutely, completely, perfectly, quite | almost, more or less, nearly

3 tidy/in order

VERBS be | get sth, put sth I'm trying to get the house straight before the weekend. She tidied up and put the ornaments straight.

4 honest and truthful

VERBS be I think he was pretty straight with me.

ADV. absolutely, completely, totally | fairly, pretty

PREP. with Are you being completely straight with her?

5 clear/understood

VERBS be | get sth

ADV. absolutely Let's get this absolutely straight.