stroke noun

1 of a brush, pen, etc.

ADJ. long, short | broad, thick | narrow, thin | bold, vigorous She caught his likeness with a few bold brush strokes. | even | quick, slow | downward, upward | brush, pen, pencil

PHRASES with a stroke of the pen With a stroke of the pen our names were removed from the register.

2 in sport

ADJ. fast, slow | powerful The Romanian rowers pulled ahead with fast, powerful strokes. | backhand, forehand (in tennis, etc.)

VERB + STROKE play He played some powerful backhand strokes throughout the game.

PREP. by a, two, etc. ~ (in golf) Woods leads by two strokes.

PHRASES a/two, etc. strokes ahead/behind (in golf)

3 in swimming

ADJ. long, short He swam back with long slow strokes. | fast, slow | back (also backstroke), breast (also breaststroke)

VERB + STROKE do, swim You can't swim more than four strokes before you reach the other side.

4 sudden illness of the brain

ADJ. crippling, massive, serious | minor, slight | fatal

VERB + STROKE have, suffer She had a massive stroke and lost her speech.

STROKE + VERB leave sb … The stroke left him paralysed down his right side.

STROKE + NOUN patient, victim > Special page at ILLNESS

5 sth that happens unexpectedly

ADJ. sudden I had a sudden stroke of inspiration.


PREP. at a/one ~ They lost half their fortune at a stroke. | ~ of a stroke of genius

PHRASES a stroke of (good/bad) luck, a stroke of (good) fortune > Note at STROKE