suggestion noun

1 proposal

ADJ. constructive, excellent, good, interesting, helpful, positive, practical, sensible, valuable | absurd, bizarre, impractical, ludicrous, outrageous, preposterous, ridiculous, stupid | tentative

VERB + SUGGESTION have Has anyone got any suggestions for a title? I've had several helpful suggestions from colleagues. | come up with, give sb, make, offer, put forward Can you give us any suggestions for a slogan? May I make a suggestion? | accept, act on, adopt, take up I think we might take up the suggestion of printing the books in Hong Kong. | take sb up on May we take you up on your suggestion of sharing the costs for the party? | deny, dismiss, reject They dismissed the suggestion that they hadn't worked hard. He rejected my suggestion as impractical. | welcome | consider, look at, note We have noted your suggestion and will give it due consideration.


PREP. at the ~ of At the suggestion of his boss, he resigned. | ~ about/as to/concerning/on Management welcomes practical suggestions on how to improve the facilities. | ~ for suggestions for further reading

PHRASES amid suggestions that She left the country amid suggestions that she had stolen from the firm. | be open to suggestions I'm not sure what to do with all this money, but I'm open to suggestions. > Special page at MEETING

2 communicating without stating directly

ADJ. implicit | hypnotic analgesia through hypnotic suggestion

PREP. by/through ~ There's no scientific basis to the method?it works by suggestion.

PHRASES the power of suggestion These healers claim to remove the pain by the power of suggestion.

3 trace of sth

ADJ. faint, mere, slightest

VERB + SUGGESTION carry, have

PREP. at the ~ of At the slightest suggestion of criticism, he loses his temper. | ~ of