surface noun

ADJ. even, flat, level, smooth | rough, uneven | curved | firm, hard, solid | soft | slippery | calm, glassy, polished, reflective, shiny the glassy surface of the lake | frozen The ball rolled onto the frozen surface of the pond. | inner, interior, internal the inner surface of a bone | exterior, external, outer | lower, upper | water | floor, ground, land, road, rock, wall | kitchen, work/working a cleaning product for all kitchen surfaces | earth's Visible light from the sun passes through the atmosphere to the earth's surface.

VERB + SURFACE come (up) to, rise to | bring sth to The captain brought the submarine to the surface. | scratch, skim, touch (all figurative) The investigation barely scratched the surface of the city's drug problem. | ripple The wind rippled the surface of the lake.

SURFACE + NOUN area | level | layer the surface layer of the skin | temperature, tension | water Surface water made driving conditions hazardous.

PREP. above/over the ~, across the ~, along the ~, below/beneath/under the ~ The ring slowly sank beneath the surface of the mud pool. (figurative) She gives the impression of being rather conventional, but under the surface she is wildly eccentric. | in the ~ Cracks began to appear in the surface of the earth. | on a/the ~ a trail of pink flowers floating on the surface of the water (figurative) On the surface his words were funny, but I detected quite a lot of anger behind them.